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Although our history is not as long and proclaimed as the city itself, the American Family Fitness (AFF) located in Williamsburg is proud of its service to this community for the past nine years.  Located in the Newtown area of Williamsburg since October 2011, this location was the ninth AFF club to be opened.  Two of our Group Fitness staff team began teaching for AFF at that time and are still here today!  Mande Rimel and Tia Martin have been leading our members and guests in countless classes over the past nine years!

AFF – Williamsburg prides itself on offering the highest quality of fitness options, facilities, and instruction.  Members have access to a large free weight area comprised of power racks, benches, dumbbells, cable exercises, and plate loaded strength equipment.  Almost 70 pieces of cardiovascular equipment are available including treadmills, bikes, ellipticals, and stair climbers.  With that much equipment, members never have to wait or limit their workouts.  For those members using weight machines, there is a variety of almost 50 machines that will target every muscle group.  The newest addition to the club is the Functional Training area.  Cables, bands, medicine balls, kettlebells, boxes, BOSU’s, ropes, push sled, and dumbbells allow members to achieve fitness, strength, and sports performance training through a number of movements.

The group fitness program is led by certified instructors who will guide, motivate, and encourage you along your fitness journey.  Classes offered include Silver Sneakers, Yoga, MOSSA, Zumba, and a variety of offerings that target strength, cardiovascular endurance, and flexibility.

Members looking for a personal touch or individual care with their fitness program are involved with our Personal Training program.  Our six certified personal trainers have a combined 25 years of experience at AFF.  Their knowledge and expertise have enabled many members to begin a fitness program, establish life-long health habits, better their sports or fitness competition performance, or work thru post-injury training.

Family members with children have access to the Kid Zone where children are not only cared for but are involved in fitness activities of their own!

Every AFF club has its unique physical features and environment.  In addition to the fantastic equipment and programs that are available, what sets AFF Williamsburg apart is the FAMILY of staff and members.  The club is truly about the people who teach, instruct, motivate and guide those who strive to better their health.  Being the smallest of the AFF clubs allows Williamsburg staff to know members by name, frequent THEIR businesses in town, attend social events with members, live in the same neighborhood, and have children who attend the same schools.  Williamsburg puts the FAMILY in AFF!

Mike Sabin

General Manager

American Family Fitness Williamsburg

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