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  • Registration for all classes:
    • is REQUIRED via the app or
    • opens up 48 hours prior to scheduled class start time.
    • is limited to 9 participants until further notice.
    • Is limited to 1 class per day, per member (includes Aqua, GX, Cycle, Mind-Body) across all 9 clubs and excludes FUSION programming.
    • Single class registration does NOT apply to Fusion. Members are able to register for Fusion in addition to their 1 GX, aqua, cycle or mind body Class. 


  • If a class is FULL and labeled “No spots remaining”, Members may register to be placed on a waiting list and order is determined by time of registration.



  • Members may check-in for class:
    1. when checking-in to the club.
    2. up to 2 hours prior to the class start time and only when on-site.


  • Members may unregister for any class registered for at any time.
  • Waitlists are triggered automatically if and when a registered member UNREGISTERS.

Group Fitness Kicks off monday, July 6th!

A special message to our members from Stefanie Bragdon, Director of Group Fitness, with what to expect when you return to your classes and workouts at American Family Fitness.

Group Fitness classes start, Monday, July 6th at all clubs.

Group Fitness Managers are currently working on schedules and these will be available online no later than Wednesday, July 1st.

We are finalizing the process for members to register for classes and more information will be available by Wednesday, July 1st.

Yes. More information regarding registration will be available on Wednesday, July 1st.

No. Schedules will be minimal to start in order to allow ample time for equipment to be disinfected in between classes.

At this time, there will be no fam friendly classes. Members must be 14+ to participate in group fitness classes.

Masks are not required while exercising but 10ft of physical distancing is.

It all depends on which studio and what location. Studio capacities will be posted outside each studio and will evolve to accommodate the changes in capacities as mandated.

Our Group Fitness Managers have pre-marked spots for participants in studios to ensure physical distancing.

Limited equipment will be available. We encourage you to bring your own mat. If taking mind & body, we ask that you bring your own yoga props.

As much as we would love to have guests, we will not be permitting guests at this time.