How To Create A Home Workout Routine That Will Keep You Fit

You’re probably thinking, “My gym is giving me advice on how to work out at home? Don’t they want me to miss the gym?!”

Of course we do — and we KNOW you do. But while we’re waiting out this pandemic, making you miss the gym more won’t keep you fit at home. Your physical and mental wellbeing is important to us, whether you’re in the gym or at home. We want you to stay fit so that you can come back to the gym and pick up right where you left off.

Think about how much time and effort you’ve already put into working out at the gym and creating this healthy habit. You almost don’t even have to think twice about going to the gym, that’s how dedicated you are! You know it’s important to stay fit now more than ever — exercise helps reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety, releases endorphins to improve your mood, and helps you sleep better at night, all of which are essential during this time.

If you let this habit go just because you’re quarantined at home, you’ll lose the fitness gains you’ve made and will be less likely to return to your gym habit once we reopen. Habits are like muscles – you have to use them to keep them strong, so don’t stop flexing your workout habit!

We know that you’re not sitting at home doing nothing, either – you’re spending time keeping your home and the people who live in it in order by planning schedules, homeschooling your kids, making sure everyone is fed, and keeping everyone entertained so they don’t go crazy. That’s why we’ve made creating a workout habit at home easy for you with these 5 steps:



Dedicate a space of your home to working out. The gym has been your dedicated workout space. Sure, you may run outside when the weather is nice, but when you’re planning to lift weights or take Barre, you go to the gym. Find a space at home and fully dedicate that space to doing your workouts. Whether it’s your bedroom, the living room, garage, dining room (just steer clear of that china cabinet), or your driveway, find a place in your home and identify it as your new workout space. Having a space dedicated to working out will make you more likely to work out.




Put on your workout clothes. Your Fabletics leggings aren’t just made for the gym for others to see – dressing as though you’re heading to the gym will increase your desire to workout at home. So, say goodbye to those ultra-comfy pajama pants that you’ve been wearing every day — put on your favorite gym leggings, tank, and tennis shoes, and head to your workout space!



Look to your household items to help you train. Times are tough for many families right now but working out at home doesn’t have to empty your wallet. Start to look at common household items as training tools for your workouts. Check out this list of household items that double as training tools and how you can use them in your home workouts (we’ve tested them ourselves, and they get the job done!).



STEP 4: 

Find some reasonably priced gym equipment that will fit in your workout space. We know…we just told you that you can use household items in your workouts. And we still stand by that statement! However, if you’re needing some additional motivation that won’t break the bank, check out Amazon for some great functional, reasonably priced home gym items. 



Get training at home for no cost with a virtual fitness app. You’ve got the space, the gear, and the training tools to work out – now what do you do? We know you may be used to having your favorite Group Fitness Instructor or Personal Trainer lead you through workouts. During this pandemic, many streaming fitness providers are offering longer than usual free trials to encourage everyone to stay fit at home, so take advantage of this time and try a few different streaming services right now to find the best fit for you. We’ve partnered with Mossa Move to bring the American Family Fitness Group Fitness experience straight to your home. 

Stay strong at home and before you know it, we’ll be back open and you’ll be ready. Remember, you’re our AFFamily — we’re here for you even when you’re at home. 


Lauren Rinker is the Group Fitness Manager at Virginia Center Commons and teaches a variety of classes, including POWER®, CORE®, BLAST®, Yoga, and Fusion small group and team training. She started her Group Fitness career in 2012 after her childhood dream of being a 🌪 chaser didn’t work out due to immense fear of 🌪s, and accredits Group Fitness for transforming her life 💪. She loves how Group Fitness and Social Media share the same impact of making and maintaining meaningful connections between people ❤. When she’s not teaching or taking 📷s for the VCC Facebook page, you can find her 🏋️‍♀️-ing, 📚️-ing, checking off her To-Do lists 📝, drinking ☕️, or eating any or all of the following foods: 🍣🥞🥓 A self-proclaimed cat lady 😻 and night owl, Lauren loves to recharge in the evenings by watching Netflix with her two Instagram-famous cats 🐱 🐱

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