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Getting Your Mindfulness Meditation Practice Started
Ever been so stressed that you told yourself, I need to start meditating. Well, now’s the time! (And just in time for National Stress Awareness Month 😊) If you’ve ever thought about beginning a meditation practice before but weren’t sure exactly where to begin, you’re not alone. You may know that meditation is more than just Read more
Breath Your Way Through Stress
Raise your hand if you’re feeling: TiredStressedUnsure of yourselfPowerlessAnxious Now, shift your attention to your breath (you can lower your hand now). Without altering your breath pattern, notice HOW you’re breathing – where does the breath enter, where does it go in your body, how does it feel flowing in and out of your body. Read more
How to Use Water to Reduce Stress and Soothe Your Mind
Research has shown that exercising in the water can reduce stress on our joints. But water can also relieve stress from another very important part of us – our minds.     Do you have fond memories of being around water? Think back to the beaches you went to as a child, the seas you snorkeled Read more
3 Moves Your Core Will Love
What do you think when you hear the word “core” in relation to exercise? Maybe you envision someone with flawless 6-pack abs who got them doing a zillion crunches, right? This is the image that has been used to portray the ideal core for years. But there’s so much more to your core than what Read more
8 Reasons We Love the KidZone
You love your child and want the best for them in all areas of their life, including their education, health, and socialization. And we know that desire remains strong when searching for a gym that offers childcare. You may ask yourself: Will my child be engaged through activity, or left on their own? Will my Read more
Fall in Love with Free Weights
Is there a machine at the gym that you just LOVE? Cardio or weight machine, it doesn’t matter — you may have eyes for that ONE piece of equipment that you always depend on as a part of your workout routine. If you do have a favorite machine, wonderful! We love that you’ve found something Read more
AFF Mechanicsville Exterior
It is often said that the seemingly small moments in our lives that have the biggest impact on them. At American Family Fitness Mechanicsville, every day brings new moments and a new lasting impact on our AFFamily of members and staff. Since it’s opening in Spring of 2001, AFF Mechanicsville is 38,000 square feet of Read more
Loving Your Relationship with Exercise
Exercise is a lot like a relationship – there are ups and downs, good days and bad, compromise and sacrifice, gains and losses. The benefits are wonderful, but they don’t come easy. It takes time and effort to create and maintain your workout routine, so having a healthy relationship with your workouts is critical to Read more
Make This One Change To Your Workouts To See Continued Results
It has long been a familiar philosophy in fitness that you have to make big changes to see big changes. We all know that we can’t expect amazing progressive results from doing the same thing over and over again. What if we make small changes that offer big results? What if those small changes are Read more
While Richmond is the official home of American Family Fitness, our AFFamily reach extends as far north as Fredericksburg, Virginia. American Family Fitness Fredericksburg first opened in 2007, opening its doors to not only the top fitness equipment and quality training in the area, but to a unique and welcoming community that becomes like family. Read more
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