American Family Fitness Gym Guidelines

See REOPENING INFORMATION for the most updated information.


See CLUB PROCEDURESfor the most updated information.

    Members must present key tag or ID at Welcome Desk to obtain a basketball. Sign-in sheets are located in each court area. All participants must sign themselves in. Teams will be determined by the order in which names appear. Dunking or foul language is not permitted and may result in suspension of membership. First game is to 16 points, subsequent games are to 11 points. No guests are allowed in basketball court area.

    See REOPENING INFORMATION for the most updated information.

    Locker rooms are available for use by all members. Parents are not to bring children of the opposite sex, 3 years of age or older, into locker room area as a courtesy to other members. Locks are not provided. Locks left on overnight will be removed by our staff. Shower facilities, body wash, and hair dryers (upon request) are provided. Towel rental is available in our Cafe/ProShop.

    See REOPENING INFORMATION for the most updated information.

    Reservations are required and can be made up to three days in advance by contacting our front desk. Reservations will be forfeited if you are not on the court within fifteen minutes of reserved start time. Proper attire is required (shorts, shirt, court shoes, protective eyewear) at all times. Non-marking shoes only. No guests are allowed.

    Consult a doctor if you have high or low blood pressure, diabetes, or a heart problem; do not use if you are pregnant. For the body’s cooling system to work properly, it is preferable to allow sweat to dry on your skin before you shower it off, cooling the skin as it evaporates. Please use the shower before entering. Children under 14 are not allowed. Exercise attire or swimwear is required in both steam & sauna areas.

    See REOPENING INFORMATION for the most updated information.

  • All patrons MUST shower BEFORE using pool and/or whirlpool
  • No lifeguard on duty
  • Children 13 and under require adult supervision; adult must be in wet area at all times
  • No diving, running or rough play
  • Do not enter water with an open cut; no band-aids
  • Children are NOT allowed in class area of the pool during water fitness classes; please see schedule for class times
  • Respect any class in progress; no loud noises around class zone
  • Chewing gum, glass, and food are not permitted in the wet area
  • Lap lane use is for lap swimmers, runners or specified exercises; please limit your time to 20 minutes. If all lanes are taken, share space when possible and maintaining 10 feet.
  • Children 9 & up may use lap lanes as long as they are actually swimming laps and/or exercising. They, also, must be supervised by an adult.
  • No hanging, sitting or lying on lane lines
  • Please remove kick boards, noodles, toys and any other aquatic equipment from water when not in use
  • Certain aquatic equipment for use only during supervised programs or by the discretion of aquatic staff
  • Children in diapers MUST wear swim diapers designed specifically for pool use
  • Appropriate swim attire must be worn at all times
  • Courtesy towards other members and staff is expected at all times
  • Please remove all newspaper, magazines or other reading materials from wet area
  • Cell phone usage in wet area is prohibited
  • Staff only allowed in aquatic closets, bins and/or pump room
  • Wet area closes 15 minutes prior to club closing

    • When slide is being used, slide-pool is closed for general swim or play.
    • To use the slide, you must be able to swim unassisted to the ladder.
    • No life jackets, flotation devices, or swim aids may be used on the slide.
    • One person only is allowed on the slide at any time.
    • Adults may NOT accompany children down the slide.
    • Adults may NOT wait for children at the bottom of the slide.
    • Walk; do not run up the slide steps.
    • Walk; do not run through water features.
    • Do not hang or swing on water features.
    • Leaning over the slide handrails is not permitted.
    • Wait until the last slider is at or on a ladder before entering the chute.
    • Enter the slide sitting on bottom and feet forwards. Headfirst slides are prohibited.
    • Exit slide-pool immediately after sliding.
    • Direct adult supervision at the slide and/or play area is required.

    See REOPENING INFORMATION for the most updated information.

  • Children 13 years and under are not allowed in free weight room
  • No gym bags or personal items in the free weight room
  • Equipment is not allowed to be moved around in weight room
  • Use only one piece of equipment at a time
  • Strip all weights from machines and bars when finished
  • All weights must be put back in their proper place
  • Do not drop weights on floor
  • Do not remove any weights from weight room
  • Please bring a towel to wipe your sweat off of the equipment
  • Unauthorized freelance personal training, or one-on-one training/coaching on a continual basis, by or of members, is strictly prohibited; AFF provides a qualified, trained staff of certified personal trainers

    • Anyone who suffers from diabetes, high or low blood pressure, or has a heart problem should not use the whirlpool without first consulting their doctor.
    • Pregnant women should avoid the whirlpool because of the high temperatures.
    • Parents should limit their children to a maximum of five minutes per exposure.
    • A guideline for the initial use for healthy individuals is three to five minutes. And, of course, listen to your body.
    • Children 5 and under prohibited.
    Proper attire is always expected. No jeans, ripped t-shirts, or cut-off shorts. Closed-toed shoes must be worn at all times (with exception of pool & locker rooms). Management reserves the right to request adjustments or additions to attire if deemed inappropriate. Face masks are not required when exercising per the Governor's mandate.
  • The standard guest fee is $20 per visit.
  • Members may bring the same guest, free of charge, once per month, and a different guest every day of the month.
  • All guests are required to present a valid photo I.D., provide contact information, and permit a photo to be taken for our records, sign the guest register, waiver of liability and Member Code of Conduct upon entering American Family Fitness.
  • Guests under the age of 18 years are permitted to use the facilities with a signed waiver provided by us from a parent or legal guardian in person or notarized ahead of time. Guests under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult 18 and older, who must remain in the facility while the minor is in the facility.
  • All guests are subject to the rules and regulations of conduct that the members of American Family Fitness are subject to follow.
  • These rules and policies are subject to change with or without notice.
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