Youth Classes

At American Family Fitness, we believe kids are never too young to learn about exercise, good nutrition, and fitness. We offer lots of activities for Midlothian youth to get moving and get healthy!

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Youth Classes

Start Your Kids on the Path to Health with Youth Fitness Classes at Our Gym

Introduce your children to fitness with the many youth programs at our gym in Midlothian. For kids 9-13 years, Fit Kids will teach aspects of cardio and strength training. There are also group classes specifically for youngsters (like Zumba), and swimming lessons in the indoor pool. For those who have already mastered water safety and the guidelines of swimming, a swim club is open to youth up to age 18. We'll teach your children about the important balance between exercise and wise food choices, and keep them focused and busy on fitness-related activities for strength in health and confidence.
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