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Stress – we’ve all experienced it, and we’ve accepted it as part of our daily lives. When you hear the word stress, your initial reaction is probably negative – your jaw clenches, your shoulders tighten, your mind becomes acutely alert and picks up on every little thing around you. But, don’t stress! We have 5 Read more
The coronavirus outbreak may have some people wondering whether it is safe to work out in the gym. Here are four evidence-based reasons why exercise is beneficial for immune and overall health. The latest outbreak of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has a lot of people asking themselves: should I keep going to the gym? The answer Read more
It’s the classic dilemma. To maximize weight loss, you are tracking every calorie, substituting junk food with healthier alternatives, and cooking all of your meals at home. All of your hard work is paying off. As long as you stick to your plan and don’t cheat; the weight is just going to keeping coming off. You have already lost Read more
Today’s fitness-conscious adults of all ages have discovered the new wave of workouts that combine strength and cardio training, flexibility, relaxation, rehabilitation, and weight management. Water workouts are making a huge splash these days for many of it’s exercise benefits one of which research shows that it is making great strides for those affected with arthritis. “We are also Read more
With the modern prevalence of cheap fast food and the standard American Diet, it’s no surprise that most Americans don’t hit the daily recommended intake of 2 to 3 cups of fruits and vegetables. However, nutrition-conscious Americans aren’t immune to it, either. The rising popularity of restrictive diets like the Ketogenic Diet and the Carnivore Diet may also Read more
Have you or someone you know been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease? You’re not alone – approximately 50 million Americans have an autoimmune disorder. And while medical professionals are still determining exactly why we get autoimmune diseases, more knowledge of how these diseases are impacted by our daily habits — including nutrition — comes to Read more
Feb 26 2020

Do You Have the Guts?

Question: I hear about gut health and the microbiome. Can you explain what it is and how it impacts health? Answer: The microbiome is the collective name for all the bacteria and microorganisms living in your body. They live all over our body; however, a big concentration resides in our gut. Some types of bacteria Read more
When I was asked to write “The Anatomy of a Diet,” I wasn’t thrilled about it. In fact, my initial reaction was to simply say “no,” and then offer another idea. After all, the first three letters of “diet” spell “DIE.” But as I thought more on the topic, I had to revisit the reasons Read more
Question: What is the difference between soluble fiber and insoluble fiber and how much do I need?   Answer: There are two types of fiber found in fiber-containing foods. Soluble fiber is the type of fiber that helps control blood sugars in people with diabetes and may also help lower cholesterol levels. It does this Read more
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