Christa Attkisson

I started working with Ryan back in September 2019.  I wasn’t making great improvements in my body with just cardio and so I was hopeful a personal trainer would teach me all that I needed to know about weight training [I knew *nothing!*].  Ryan was great with getting me on board with weight training and how transformative it can be.  After a couple of months, he slowly started throwing in some comments about a weight lifting competition that American Family was doing in March 2020.  I brushed it off initially.  Never in my life did I think I could do something like that.  I had some big life changes in 2019 so I felt a bit scattered at times but Ryan was always able to reel me in at least for a couple of hours a week.

I have endurance but have never been considered strong.  Ryan believed in me and somehow ended up talking me into doing the competition.  Training ramped up and I started to lift heavier and heavier.  My body felt great and I could see pleasant physical changes! I’ve definitely become more defined all around and love my new toned muscle mass.

March 7, 2020, I participated in the strongman/woman competition at American Family Midlothian and got second place! A medal.  For weightlifting?  Never would have thought I’d be here now.  Possibly addicted to the fun and challenge of regular weight lifting…
I am beyond grateful for having Ryan push me towards this competition.  Maybe another one in the fall?  We will see!

Club: American Family Fitness Short Pump

Trainer: Ryan Foray