Monika Sarek

American Family Fitness changed my life in such a positive way, physically and mentally. I always felt tired and experienced back and joint pain, limiting my mobility. I joined AMFAM in March 2019, at age 68,  and weighing 169 lbs. My trainer, Bambi, who specializes in senior fitness, started me out with the AMFAM University Program. It involves various machines for upper and lower body workouts and I successfully graduated after 8 weeks. I have since joined Shannon’s and Tammy’s aquatic fitness classes and Maria’s senior fitness classes. It’s so much fun!!! Every 3 months, I change my routine on the machines and add classes like “Active” and “Gentle Yoga” to challenge myself. l am working out at least 4 times a week for 2 hrs., drink about 84 oz of water a day and watch what I eat. I now weigh 145lbs, dropped a lot of body fat and gained much-needed muscle tissue. I feel years younger and have lots of energy. My back pain has disappeared. It’s truly a life-changing experience and proves it’s never too late to start working out. I will continue exercising as long as I can. Thank you to the American Family Fitness Team. You are all awesome!!!

Club: American Family Fitness Virginia Center Commons


  • AMFAM University
  • Aquatics Fitness
  • Senior Fitness
  • Active Gentle Yoga