In early 2019, Paris, a mom and school nurse, had two surgeries back-to-back — one on her knee and the other to remove her gallbladder. Her recovery prevented her from getting much activity, and she quickly found herself out of shape and overweight. It was at this moment that Paris experienced a wake-up call. She wanted to regain her life before surgery, which consisted of working out with her husband Kevin and playing with her two children ages 2 and 4.

Paris is a member of the American Family Fitness Fredericksburg location and decided to get her life back on track with personal training. She hired Robert, a Certified Personal Trainer who quickly got her in the habit of exercising a couple of days a week.

Paris enjoyed working with Robert so much that she felt determined to exercise every day — so she did! Before she knew it, she experienced a 25-pound weight loss and newfound strength. She discovered that she enjoyed bench pressing, deadlifting, and strength training for her upper body. She absorbed as much information as she could from Robert, transforming her habit of exercise into a passion for it. And because of that passion, Kevin saw a spark in her that would light up with the perfect challenge — the Strong Competition at AFF Midlothian. Kevin convinced Paris to sign up for this event, and as she trained for it, he noticed that Paris was happier and could even deadlift more than him! (Maybe that’s why she was so happy? 😉

At her first competition, Paris deadlifted 185 pounds and completed the Husafell Stone competition which consists of lifting a large, non-traditionally-shaped metal object that weighs 110 pounds and carrying it across several yards. And one competition wasn’t enough of a challenge for Paris — she’s already registered for her next Strong Competition in the near future. We can’t wait to see what she does next!


Club: American Family Fitness Fredericksburg