Tracey Coffey

Ok, let me start by saying how much I love my gym. I love the amazing staff, the shakes, the shower, the pool, the daycare, and especially love Fusion. I had a rough start last year and had two traumas and three surgeries, and as a result, my weight fluctuated up and down, and when I hurt my back, I gained a lot of weight. My journey back to fitness started in the pool, where I had to slowly build myself back up with the amazing aquatic fitness classes. I incorporated cycling and then started to do Fusion Team Training, where I can happily say I have lost 60.4 pounds since November.  The strength and resistance training has changed my life with Fusion. No diets, just better-eating choices, and Fusion. The coaches are amazing, and there is a modification for everything. I only continue to move forward in my journey. No matter what size you are, everyone needs strength and resistance training to build yourself up. I have so much energy and am completely happy. Thanks to all of the incredible staff for all the encouragement and support.


Club: American Family Fitness Virginia Center Commons

Classes & Programs:

  • Aquatics
  • Fusion