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There have been so many lives that have been changed through American Family Fitness and their personal trainers. Check out those stories below or submit your own success story and have it featured online!

Susan Kiser

There I was, sitting on the front pew of the church – at my Mother’s funeral, thinking, “I am 47, but still needed my mother!” I looked down at my (then) 8-year-old daughter sitting next to me and realized how much more SHE needed ME!  Right then and there, I made a pledge to lose Read more

Ella Hanbury

I joined American Family Fitness in November 2018 because I had hit my all-time high of 212lbs. My only thought when joining was to get back down to being under 200lbs. My only focus was on being skinny so that I could fit in with everyone else. I trained for 6 months with a Personal Read more

David Samuels

I used to frequent other local gyms for years, but I never found what I was looking for until I joined American Family Fitness. My wife worked for Verizon and wanted to join AFF because several of her friends had joined (they’re all gone now!). I decided to join with her, and I found what Read more

Scott Maulding

? Meet Scott Maulding!It wasn’t that long ago that Scott was smoking two packs of cigarettes a day and was pre-diabetic.His diet consisted of sugary drinks and he did not exercise. His doctor had a heart to heart chat with him and told him the future looked dire because of his high blood pressure, high Read more

Joe Whittaker

Joe’s been a member of American Family Fitness since March of 2018. He joined during a time in his life when he wasn’t feeling his most confident — he struggled to maintain good posture and lacked the natural energy to get through the day. During his first week, he completed a body composition assessment as part Read more

Benita Harris

In Spring 2016 I signed up for personal training to help recover from a broken talus bone on President’s Day in February. Bobby, my personal trainer at American Family Fitness Fredericksburg worked with me to help restore my strength in my right ankle, turn up muscles, and lose weight. I lost almost 10 lbs adopting Read more

*Disclaimer: American Family Fitness does not guarantee results, which can vary from individual to individual.
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