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There have been so many lives that have been changed through American Family Fitness and their personal trainers. Check out those stories below or submit your own success story and have it featured online!

Chelsea Meisinger

I was a few months shy of 1 year postpartum when a friend of mine encouraged me to attend classes at our gym. I felt insecure and out of place for a few weeks as I (literally) got my footing in each class. My weight and inexperience made me sweat before I even went into Read more

Tracey Coffey

Ok, let me start by saying how much I love my gym. I love the amazing staff, the shakes, the shower, the pool, the daycare, and especially love Fusion. I had a rough start last year and had two traumas and three surgeries, and as a result, my weight fluctuated up and down, and when Read more

Monika Sarek

American Family Fitness changed my life in such a positive way, physically and mentally. I always felt tired and experienced back and joint pain, limiting my mobility. I joined AMFAM in March 2019, at age 68,  and weighing 169 lbs. My trainer, Bambi, who specializes in senior fitness, started me out with the AMFAM University Read more

Jeremy Davis

When I applied to be a Henrico Police Officer I needed to do something to get me ready for the job coming up physically wise. When I came to American Family Fitness not only did it help but I had Ryan to help train! Because of his help, I’ve gained a great amount of muscle Read more

Jackie Mays

I joined American Family in May 2018. At that time I was at my heaviest weight ever. Being a gym member was not new to me. I had always been active and previously taken some of the classes and used the cardio machines, but this time I decided to take advantage of the two personal Read more

Angie Hart

The pain in my hip flexor started in October of 2019.  I hoped that basic stretches would help, but then noticed that I could not get up out of a chair without pain. The pain disrupted my sleep patterns as it hurt to move from the right to the left side. I went to the doctor and Read more

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