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There have been so many lives that have been changed through American Family Fitness and their personal trainers. Check out those stories below or submit your own success story and have it featured online!

Matt Fretwell

After weighing 276 pounds, I found my health and way of life miserable. Losing the weight and getting fit was more about living life than a diet. I initially lost 55 pounds, but then plateaued to 220 for several years. Not until I joined the Mechanicsville AmFam was I able to take off the last Read more

Sharon Shover

My Success Story started in January of 2014 during a trip to Universal Studios. I couldn’t walk for more than 10 minutes at a time, and everyone had to wait on me while I stopped and rested. I was frustrated about being overweight and unhealthy and felt helpless and hopeless as I watched my loved Read more

Joe Rhodes

In late 2013 I was at my heaviest weight at 266 lbs. I went through a few “medical adventures” since 2010 that really took a toll on my over health and my body’s ability to function and recover. I was extremely unhappy with my overall condition and with the way it impacted my life and Read more

Richard Morrisey

I have had bad hips since I was a teenager. Now half way though my seventy’s, they became arthritic. I started to use a cane for assistance after having several mishaps. My physician told me to start moving more. I couldn’t walk 10 minutes with out resting. After joining American Family Fitness, I started doing Read more

Catherine Diesta

Well I have only been a member of American Family since March 2015 but my story starts a long while back to 2010 but I am just going to be brief about it. I had some health issues back in 2010 after I started Weight Watchers. I weighed in at my heaviest ever at 262. Read more

Erin Williams

I joined AFF three years ago primarily for the treadmills and the Pilates class. After working out there for a few months, I did a 10k race and got a PR–placing second place overall female. I was thrilled with the result! Slowly I started to join some more of the GX classes and saw a Read more

*Disclaimer: American Family Fitness does not guarantee results, which can vary from individual to individual.
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