Strength Training/Free Weights

At American Family Fitness, you'll find the tools you need to exercise every muscle. Empower your body with strength training at our Williamsburg gym,

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Strength Training & Free Weights

Power Up with Strength Training at Williamsburg Gym

Our Williamsburg health club features all of the single station machines, free weights, and dumbbells you need to build and tone your body. The way you workout is up to you, just pick your favorite way to strengthen and sculpt arms, legs, back, and shoulders. Ladies, weight training isn't just for the guys! Lifting helps women strengthen their bones against disease such as osteoporosis, and it's the perfect companion to aerobic training for added calorie/fat burn. If you're not sure where to begin, personal trainers can help you get started safely on equipment. Learn how to avoid muscle strain and other injuries from improper use. Your fitness journey begins today!
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