You Can’t Manage What You Don’t Measure

Have you ever thought to yourself “if I could just lose these last 10 lbs” or maybe “I wish I was in better shape”? Or, have you ever gone to the beach in the summer and been so self-conscious that you kept your T–shirton? Did you spend the day paralyzed with fear at the thought of having to be around your family and friends in a bathing suit, when you weren’t even comfortable in your own skin? I have.

I started my fitness journey eight years and 75lbs ago. People often ask me how I lost all the weight, as though it was some kind of super-human feat. The fact is that there is no “big secret” and there DEFINITELY isn’t a substitute for hard work. The truth is pretty boring: I made healthy nutritional choices, and I exercised regularly. There are some more technical elements to a program than that, but the reality of it is that we are taught from a very young age that we should eat healthily and exercise. The truth is that in large, many of us don’t have a knowledge problem, we have an accountability problem. We know what to do, we just choose not to do what we know.

Through my fitness journey and my seven-year career as a Fitness Professional, I can wholeheartedly scale everything down to one statement: you can’t manage what you don’t measure. Whether you’re competing in your first marathon, trying to lose 50lbs or simply working to maintain your level of fitness, you HAVE to know where and how to work! Simply put, knowledge is power, and if you know where you are, you can better understand and manage how you get to where you want to go! So, before you start or further progress in your fitness journey, take a moment to evaluate a couple of things that could make or break your success:

  • Do you workout with a chest mounted heart rate monitor like MyZone®? – If you don’t, you SHOULD! Your heart is the most important muscle in your body: if it’s not working, nothing else really matters, right?
  • Do you track your nutrition using an app like MyFitnessPal®? If you don’t, what are you waiting for? If you know what you’re taking in nutritionally, you know exactly how to plan your day and your workouts.
  • Do you track your body composition? Could you right now, tell me how much muscle vs. fat your body has? – If you can’t, how are you planning on tracking progress? Spoiler alert: YOU’RE NOT!!!
  • Do you have a program to follow? Every time you come into the gym, you should have a PLAN! Results don’t happen “on accident.”
At the end of the day, everyone wants to be successful. Start measuring your success. If you understand the impact of your workouts as well as the calories you have burned (wear a MyZone®), and you’ve tracked your nutrition (MyFitnessPal®), then you know exactly how much you’re burning and how much you’re taking in which is the first step in reaching any fitness goal! From there, it’s all about making adjustments as you go until you reach the finish line! You wouldn’t drive a car without a speedometer or a fuel gauge, so why would you workout without knowing the impact? Start managing what you measure and work towards your goals with confidence!


Chris Moore

Senior Fitness Director

American Family Fitness Short Pump


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