Month: January 2021

Make This One Change To Your Workouts To See Continued Results

It has long been a familiar philosophy in fitness that you have to make big changes to see big changes. We all know that we can’t expect amazing progressive results from doing the same thing over and over again. What if we make small changes that offer big results? What if those small changes are Read more

While Richmond is the official home of American Family Fitness, our AFFamily reach extends as far north as Fredericksburg, Virginia. American Family Fitness Fredericksburg first opened in 2007, opening its doors to not only the top fitness equipment and quality training in the area, but to a unique and welcoming community that becomes like family. Read more

Make Your Goals "S-M-A-R-T" to make Yourself Successful

Raise your hand if you’ve made a New Years resolution before but didn’t stick with it ? It’s okay, we’ve all been there. Sometimes things happen that can derail any resolution you’ve made (helloooo 2020 ?). If you’ve made a resolution for 2021, we’re proud of you! You’re ready to do something good for you, Read more

5 Benefits of Taking Your Workouts to the Water

Think back over your time working out in the gym. You’ve probably hit all the major areas offered – the cardio deck, the weight room, the functional training area, and the Group Fitness studios. Is there one area that you haven’t dipped your toes in yet? Most gym-goers drift to our major training areas on Read more