Month: March 2020

You know that now more than ever, it’s important to move. An active lifestyle for our members has always been our #1 goal for you here at American Family Fitness. And with our recent partnership with Mossa Move that delivers workouts straight to your mobile device, you can keep moving as we #stayathome waiting out Read more

I think we can all agree that life right now is VERY different than what we’re used to. Most businesses are closed, essential items are becoming scarce (Toilet Paper has become a unicorn of sorts – RARE and difficult to find), and social distancing is lingo that everybody knows. To top it off, the one Read more

Stress – we’ve all experienced it, and we’ve accepted it as part of our daily lives. When you hear the word stress, your initial reaction is probably negative – your jaw clenches, your shoulders tighten, your mind becomes acutely alert and picks up on every little thing around you. But, don’t stress! We have 5 Read more

The coronavirus outbreak may have some people wondering whether it is safe to work out in the gym. Here are four evidence-based reasons why exercise is beneficial for immune and overall health. The latest outbreak of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has a lot of people asking themselves: should I keep going to the gym? The answer Read more